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Hey there! I'm Jenny 

I'm here to help you get "Truly Connected" to the person you already are, gather the spiritual and self love tools necessary to begin to heal and transform your life to the one you desire. Breaking the cycles and patterns that are creating your suffering.    



Has mental health, addiction and codependency impacted you or a loved one?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and full of anxiety?

Have you experienced trauma, grief and feel disconnected and lost?



We offer lifestyle coaching experience for women who are ready to reclaim their happiness, power, and confidence. 

Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of being truly connected.
Let's see how I can help!

I want to meet you where you are right now.

Here at Truly Connected, we show you how to utilize breath-work, yoga, mindset and embodiment work in order to achieve happiness, harmony and connection to self. When we are in alignment with who we truly are, life flows.

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Our 1:1 coaching programs are designed for the committed and determined woman. 

Work closely with the Truly Connected Team to make the changes you want to make and live the life you desire.

Whether you're here to reconnect to your true identity and power, or heal trauma and negative patterns, each program is carefully created for your individual needs.

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Meet Your Coach 

I’m a Lifestyle Transformation Coach, founder of TrulyConnected. I specialize in, and passionate about empowering women to live their best lives in alignment with their truth.  

Using customized tools, including mindfulness, movement, and self love, our programs strive to reconnect women with their true identity, confidence and power guiding beautiful souls in living purposeful, joy-filled, and authentic lives.  

I have personally experienced the pain, grief and trauma that comes with being a mom  and wife of an addict. The toll it took on my mental and physical health was a destructive force that I needed to acknowledge to reclaim my life. Having overcome loss, anxiety, chronic health issues, and disconnect from myself, coaching has allowed me to share these tools and help others do the same.  

With certification  and training in trauma healing, various lineages of yoga, reiki, meditation, breath-work, and embodiment, I offer individual custom programs with a unique blend of my knowledge to help women transform their lives. 

Cheers to knowing your worth! 

What we offer! 

Customized programming

Enjoy comprehensive workshops on your own

One on one live coaching to reclaim your happiness



You will find true happiness in life when you realize it only takes YOU to be happy. 

Connect to your inner light and happiness through self love, yoga,  breathwork and embodiment. 


That little voice in your head is your true essence (soul) calling you home. You know what you want and who you are. With our support, tools and mindset overhaul you can reclaim "her" . 


Return to a balanced state of being, fabulous, fearless and free. 

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“Having struggled with depression and anxiety. Jen has helped me to set intentions for my day, create boundaries for myself and realize it’s ok to say no. It's also ok to feel how I feel, be who I am and challenge myself to grow.”


- Lisa

"I had been struggling with isolation, anxiety and low energy. Dedicating time for self care was a breakthrough I had while working with Jen. I am calm and able to manage my anxiety."


- Natasha

"I was struggling with staying emotionally balanced. While doing the anger release exercise, I couldn’t believe how much anger I was holding within. It really seemed to unleash." 

- Cynthia

 Meditation To Relieve Anxiety 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, struggling with stress and anxiety this kundalini meditation will guide you to your heart centre. Where you can let go and find peace in the here and now.